• and Alive!

Trenton is a small city – and the appeal of small cities is real.  We don’t have big-box stores or manicured corporate parks.  We do have: 300+ trains a day traveling north, south, and points in-between, remarkable historic sites surrounded by public greens, an array of authentic ethnic restaurants, a lively arts and cultural scene, community events and celebrations, public art, and active civic associations.

Here’s a sampler of just some of what Trenton has to offer:

  • Art All Night
  • Trenton Pork Roll Festival
  • Trenton Old Barracks Museum
  • Hidden Trenton
  • Trenton African American Cultural Festival
  • Mill Hill
  • Patriot's Week
  • Base Camp Trenton Coworking
  • Trenton Half Marathon
  • Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market
  • Planet Trenton News
  • Trenton Thunder

Trenton has always been Good for Revolutionaries!